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KANKOBAI SHUZOU has been refining the
technology of sake making since 1854.

  • Ise Shrine, the headquarters of Japan's Shintoism which became famous worldwide at the Ise Shima Summit in 2016, is located in Mie prefecture. There is also a famous Suzuka circuit in F1 too."KANKOUBAISHUZOU Co., Ltd." is a brewery with a tradition of about 150 years in Tsu City, the capital of Mie prefecture.In Japan, there are many big brewing manufacturers which handle exporting, but our company is only a small sake brewery in rural areas. However, most of the sake that receives a really high reputation in Japan called JIZAKE is a liquor made by hand, born from small brewing manufacturers in the region like ours.Sake produced by our company is also a small production number, but it is sold out every year with very high evaluation.Generally in most brewing manufacturers,plum wine are made from surplus sake of the year and treated in their spare time,but we put sake exclusively for plum wine, we use carefully selected materials, and complete it by human hands only.In addition, in the manufacturing process, we accepted internship of Mie University and in 2010, we won the second prize among 210 items at domestic plum wine competitions, and received high praise.
  • The name of "KOUSUI" means the beautiful red and green colors of plum which is the raw material of plum wine.In addition, our company's "KANKOUBAI" is the name of the plum varieties that blooms in early winter."KOUSUI" is also a name that is a combination of one's character "KOU" of the company and "SUI" which is the symbol character of Mie University. This proud name is registered trademark in Japan.For sake,we use ancient rice "SEKITORIMAI", a registered trademark brand of Komono Town, Mie Prefecture.We polish up it to 50% and set sake as Dai Ginjo.In fact, plum fruit, centered on plum fruits of the Inabe Sun Park proud of Inabe City, used carefully selected items.Each year 's KOUSUI will be completed around September. Especially, because SEKITORIMAI is rare rice with a small production volume, it will produce about 3000 bottles in a 720 ml bottle per year, but please enjoy a completely unspoiled and clear taste completely different from other plum wine.For drinking, on the rock, carbonation and so on are recommended.Also, at our company, there are many product lineups, including sake and plum wine. Thank you for trying it by all means.
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    Keiji Masuda

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    Manufacture and sale of Japanese sake and plum liquor

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    433 Kurimanakayama Tsu city Mie JAPAN

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